Thursday, May 26, 2005


Betty is probably in her 70’s and has osteoporosis. As far as I could tell last year she lived alone, or at least I thought. She lives in a 1960’s lakefront ranch, which is well maintained but has never been updated. She and the older widowed lady next door were surprisingly supportive of my quest to put sewers in the neighborhood (I didn’t tend to get much fan fare from the senior citizens on my block). But what really struck me about Betty is she is the only one who seemed to realized what the sewer project was costing me out of my own pocket. I had people volunteer to help pass out information and get signatures on the petition, which most quit after they saw how difficult it really was. Some of them I know make 3 times as much as my husband and I. None of them offered to help pay for the copying or creating signs to remind neighbors about the meetings except for Betty. She was the only senior citizen that I came across who was thankful for what I was trying to do, offered financial assistance, and any other help I might need. I declined the offer, but her offer of support and enthusiasm for the project helped keep me going when I wondered if it was really ever going to happen.

A couple weeks ago, on a warm sunny morning as I was pushing my youngest in a stroller through our neighborhood, we came across Betty and a male companion walking and enjoying the beautiful day also. They were holding hands, talking up a storm, giggling, and flirting like you would expect to see in a much, much younger couple. I’m not sure who the man is but he certainly puts a bright smile on her face. When we stopped to chat, he seemed very happy also. They had that beam that people in love have for one another. It is nice to be reassured that love, the type of love that breaths life into your soul, has no age barriers.


  1. I am thankful for the knowledge that there is no time limit on love... someday I also will, hopefully, finally know that feeling as well. This is the reason I am still here... hope.

  2. You're right love has no age barriers, but unfortunately some people try and put barriers between lovers with an age gap.

  3. love is wonderful yes! it has taken me 29 years to find mne! and like dan said, some love shouldn't be taboo. for example - in instances where one person in the relationship is paralyzed. read my blog and you'll see what i mean.

  4. enjoyed this story very much, this is the first blog i have read, but no doubt this lady can write well
    Highly recomended.
    Rachel would you do me the favour of reading my recent blog to be found on
    many thanks

  5. It is nice to hear about a senior citizen who is young at heart and open minded. Love definitely has no bounds.

  6. Old people can be so cute. Old people in love? Even cuter.:)

  7. Phoenix - I believe everyone has a mate out there for them; it is just a matter of weeding through all the creeps!

    Dan - There is 6 years between my husband and I, and I think as we get older the time span matters less. Unless she is 15 and he is 30!!!!

    Goo- I volunteered at a school for severely handicapped children (they were 6-7 years old). They taught me so much about love, and I was only 16 at the time.

    Odiham - Thank you for the compliment, it is comments like yours that help motivate me to keep writing. I read your story and left some comments. I think you have a lifetime to share!

    Carol and Janet – Yes, old people in love… is a great thing. Love is a wonderful blessing. I feel for those who forget how to give it.

  8. My mate and I are in love still, 20 years later. TMI Cloud 9

  9. "it is nice to be reassured that love, the type of love that breaths into your soul"... Beautiful writing Rachel!

    Sadly,I sense wistfulness and longing wihtin yourself from this statement besides your generous spirit and joy of seeing this. I hope I'm wrong and /or that you are fulfilled in love...